The Adventures of Potato Kid: Flying to the Fair

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The book is something cute and fun for kids of a young age! I loved reading this story about Potato, Dino & Koala Kid. The adventures they had together was something fun that most kids would find intriguing and might even get a giggle from them. If you want a fun story night with your kids! This is the book I recommend!

-By Elisabeth Van Der Wilt Doula

Well, this was a real delight. It exemplifies what children’s literature should be, sweet, emotionally generous, and elegant in what it can teach a child.The Adventures of Potato Kidis a story full of adventure and fun. I really liked this book!This is one kids are going to enjoy as Potato Kid and his friends have a great adventure at the fair. I can imagine them going around on the roller coaster.

I am sure that this book will look extra cute with pictures and kids will love it. The text is extremely simple and invites for kids to 'read' or sing along.A fun book that reminds us how friendship is important. I can’t wait to check Potato Kid’s new adventure.


Beatriz Sousa


I got this book as a birthday present for my 5 years old Niece. I thought this will be the perfect book for her to motivate her to start reading, and OMG! She is totally hooked! She now wants me to get her the entire set of "BOOKNAME" adventure books! She has even started reading this book word by word slowly!

The story is about 3 cute little kids; Potato Kid, Dino Kid and Koala Kid. And follows their adventure filled day as they venture to a "Fair".

The day starts with them getting ready for their day's adventure and happily tucking in some heathy breakfast, before leaving for the fair!

And once they reach their destination, their excitement knows no bound! They sing merry songs, enjoy all different kind of rides, make new friends, enjoy tasty treats, laugh and scream with glee, buy cute little souvenir for home!

They even plan for their next adventure, their excitement is super contagious and I found myself getting into the joyous mood while reciting it to my niece.

During these times of Coronavirus pandemic, this book fulfills our wanderlust, not only for the kids but adults too. I, for myself was quiet jealous of the kids in the book having so much fun in their lives, without having to worry about anything!!

This is a must-read, feel-good book for Children and parents alike!

Nidhi Padalia


It is a book that will hook the young readers instantly with all the vibrancy and delight. The story is adorable and explores the adventures of three friends: Potato Kid, Dino kid and Koala kid at the fair. The sentences are simple and help build confidence of the young readers. If you are looking for a book to instill the habit of reading in your child while keeping the fun alive, then this is the book for you.

Abantika Bose(@hiltonjenkin)

Blogger and bookstagrammer